Delta Express Exhibitions Services

Exhibitions Industry in EGypt

Egypt is a Gate of Africa and Middle East, with a lot of international and regional annual Events, and Exhibitions.

With a good climate around the year, and available facilities like airports, ports, roads, and communications services. Cairo & Sharm El-Sheikh are considered to be the most important international exhibitions center in region.

Conferences, Exhibitions and Events are diverse to cover almost all activities and fields, like medical, industrial, oil, mineral, agricultural and artistic.

Delta Express earns years of experience in trade shows and exhibition logistics including military exhibitions with special approvals. We have dedicated qualified experienced employees since 1982 that can make your exhibition journey an easy and worry-free one. 

Delta Express extensive services include exhibitions held at the Cairo International convention and Exhibition centre(CICC) & Egypt International and Exhibition Centre who offers on-site handling for the major exhibitions in Egypt.


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